Part 3 of the Uno Turbo engine swap

Using the Xís oil pan presents itself with a problem. Thereís nowhere for oil in the turbo to return to the oil system. The Uno has a simple spout on the pan that oil returns through. At first, I had thought to cut the spout from the Uno pan and either bolt or weld it to the Xís pan. My welding skills leave a lot to be desired, so I didnít even entertain the idea of trying to weld aluminum. After failing to find a flat enough spot to bolt the spout on, I went with a screw-in bung from a VW Golf 1.9TDI. It measures 18mm with a thread pitch of M1.5 so I bought the needed drill and tap and commenced to making a hole in my oil pan and threading it.

040108134116oilpanholedrilled    040108135230oilpanstarttap    040108135722oilpanholethreads

The bung fit perfectly, but drilling made a messy pan messier, so time to clean it up and put it all together.

040108135758oilpanreturnfitted    040108155758oilpaninside    

The pipe bend comes from the power-steering system on a Humvee, something I had lying around that happened to fit. Later it will get replaced with steel flex hose mounted directly on the bung and turbo. In the meantime, the original rubber hose was clamped on the turbo down spout and double clamped on the Humvee hose fitting.

040118151214pipewithose    040118152304pipehoseonengine    040118152334pipehoseonengine2

The X-1/9 lower alternator bracket was used because I kept the X-1/9 transmission and axles. The Uno lower alternator bracket has a mount for the center axle and takes up space. To accommodate the extra stress this setup puts on the mount, the Uno block has small studs that fit into the lower bracket. Bottom line: a hole needed to be cut (or drilled, I used a Dremel) into the Xís bracket to make it fit. For the upper mount, either bracket will fit, just use which ever one is in better shape.

040119154432alternatorbracketcut1    040119161138alternatormount

Instead of modifying the Uno transmission to shift from the front, I stuck with the X-1/9 box. I didnít have the time to play with it, but later Iíll try to find a way to take advantage of the Unoís stronger gears. The X tranny is a direct match, and this let me use the original axles as well.

040119161506xtrannyunomotor    040119161512xtrannyunomotor2

The story continues in Part 4...