Part 5 of the Uno Turbo engine swap

The air plenums are almost exactly alike. The major non-cosmetic difference is that the Uno doesn't have the cold start injector, but instead has an air temp sensor in the same location.

intake plenum 1    intake plenum 2    intake plenum 5

The exhaust system required custom fabrication to make it all work. Since I don't have the expertise to do the welding myself, I took a muffler for a Camaro/Firebird with one 2.25in intake and 2 2.25in outlets and a universal catalytic converter with 2.5in inlet and outlet to a local exhaust shop. They do custom work for all makes and models as well as fabrication of factory parts for Porsche and Harley Davidson. They fitted up the cat with flanges to allow for later installation of a "test pipe" in it's place.

the exhaust shop ADT in Thansuss, Germany    camaro muffler with universal catalytic converter    test pipe

Mounting it all to the turbo exhaust flange required more custom work. In order to get it to go through the stock hole, the original turbo exhaust flange was removed. A plate of 10mm steel was cut to the needed shape and 2.25in pipe mated and bent to exit out the stock hole under the trunk rather than routing under the suspension. A heat shield was then welded onto the pipes to help protect the alternator. The lower brace was also modified to mount on the left side of the cat.

steel plate with wastegate, primary outlet and heat shield    exhaust support bracket    using stock route

Also, rubber mounts and fabricated brackets were fitted to aid in supporting the exhaust system. The exhaust tips exit straight out the rear under the bumper. Later an aluminum mesh grill will be fitted to replace the stock rear grill.

left side rubber mounts    the finished product    how it looks with the car on the ground

The death of Jack is next in Part 6