Part 6 of the Uno Turbo engine swap

The death of Jack!

When I returned from Iraq, I was noticing the rust on the underbody when I put my finger through the floor boards. About the same time I got a really good look at the botched repair job the previous owner did when replacing the passenger side floor. Not only was it not properly welded, it was sealed with window caulk! There was also a botched repair job around the driver's side headlight pod.

passenger side towards the rear    passenger side towards the front    botched repair

There was also a rust "spot" on the passenger side front fender that went clear through the sheet metal. Also the passenger side jack support was REALLY messed up and then there was that pesky rust hole in the rear crossmember.

passenger fender    jacking point    rear crossmember

The only thing for me to do with my limited resources and time was to strip it for parts and ship them back to the states. And what do you think I found while I was taking the car apart? That's right, more rust! And another botched repair job hiding under the dash.

passenger side under bumper    passenger side floor    passenger side botched repair hidden under the dash

I took the pictures before I was done. It looks like I left quite a bit, when all that really remained of the car were the doors, windshield, and that black plastic strip over the front bumper.

front end    front trunk    rear end

The "new Jack" - Bluie - is in the new section: '77 Euro X