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It's about time I updated this thing! New stuff includes my return from Iraq, the death of Jack, another X-1/9, leaving Germany, out of the Army, my Jeep, and recent road trips.

Favorite Links – These are all X-1/9 related links. For my other interests, check out the links page.

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Current Projects – Road tripping America

Biographical Information – a little bit about me - later...

Personal Interests - you mean other than my X 1/9??? My Jeep Wrangler and upcoming project Cozy MK IV

Ready to cross the border into Iraq    On the banks of the Tigris River    I only had it that way for a few minutes!

Gunnery at Range 132, Grafenwoehr Training Area, Germany

Favorite Links

The Xana Web Forum

Seattle X-1/9

Mid-Atlantic X-1/9

The Italian Car Club

Yahoo X 1/9 Group

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Contact Information

Questions? Comments? Send me an Email

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Current Projects

Jack, my yellow X-1/9

Out of the Army (finally!!!) and back in the states.

Searching for a house or land to buy in the West Sound area of the PNW - Actually I think I'll wait until the housing bubble bursts. Even if it doesn't, prices are seriously over-inflated at the moment.

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Biographical Information

Why the heck would you want to know about me?

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Personal Interests

Playing bass guitar and writing music.

Cozy MK IV - A Rutan-based 4-seat canard pusher. YES, it's a REAL airplane!!!

Skiing the Alps.

Road Trip across America, the Blue Ridge Parkway, Route 66 and Route 101.

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Last revised: 2 September 2005