Part 2 of the Uno Turbo engine swap

Naturally the first step was to get the old engine out.

03121817jackmotorout003     03121817jackmotorout004     031218170650jackmotorout005

Once it was out, it was pretty easy to figure out exactly which pieces needed to be swapped. I started with the cam housings. The Uno is missing the attachment points for the bracket that holds the “dog-bone” or torque bar engine mount. Otherwise, the housings are identical.

031219214848camhousings5     031219214822camhousings3     031219214750camhousings2

Since I wasn’t too sure how different the cams were, I decided to keep the Uno cam and put it in the X housing. The only difference I could see was that the Uno cam has a slot on the end opposite the pulley to drive the distributor. Keeping the dizzy in the block left more room on the left side of the engine for the turbo piping and intercooler.

031219222922camshafts3     031219222926camshafts4

The Uno cam fits perfectly in the X’s housing. Use the X’s cover plate over the dizzy end to complete it.

031219223628unocaminxhouse1    031219223644unocaminxhouse2    031219223700unocaminxhouse3

It was fairly obvious that using the Uno oil pan wouldn’t be a good idea as the engine in the X sits at a different angle than in the Uno. After thinking about it for a few seconds, I checked to see if the oil pumps might be different because of this. Sure enough, the pickups are canted at different angles too. Also, it turns out that the Uno’s oil pan won’t fit over the X’s pump and vice-versa.

031227154510oilpumps     031227154524oilpumps      031227154546oilpumps

The story continues in Part 3...